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Our corporate client, a global media giant, needed to relocate a senior executive (a new hire) with his family from Washington DC to London. They required VIP relocation support and were especially mindful that the wife had major reservations about moving her family to the UK.

Saunders 1865’s managing director personally spoke with the executive and his wife to assess their needs and concerns. Finding a spacious property close to a good school for their two daughters was a major consideration. The wife was adamant that if the right combination (i.e. perfect home with good school that would take their daughters) was not available her husband would not move to London!

We conducted an orientation tour and school search which enabled the couple to settle on an area we should focus our research on. We quickly identified an ideal school that would take the girls in South West London. We then moved on to the rental search and the couple selected a beautiful home – a detached Victorian house – that was on the market for £12,000/month. Ultimately we agreed a rent of £10,000/month.

Then came some further tough negotiations over the lease (tenancy) terms. There were many clauses in the landlord’s draft agreement that we could not allow our client to sign. Eventually, with some give and take on either side, acceptable terms were negotiated.

The American family quickly settled into their new London life very happily – and our client’s senior executive has accomplished some great things for the UK business.

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I recently assumed a new role and have been very impressed with the high-quality of service that I have received from Saunders 1865. I do not know how I would have been able to simultaneously manage the demands of my new role and searching for a new home without this degree of support. In summary top marks across the board -- excellent service with quality results -- well done!


John Duncan, Toronto, Canada

We were talking about how crazy it would have been to try and do this on our own, but you all made it an easy and smooth process.

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