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Unreasonable Deposit Claims by Landlords

Unfortunately many UK landlords try and wrongfully withhold tenants’ deposits on the basis of unjustifiable dilapidations claims.  Many tenants don’t put up any fight, which only encourages these landlords in their unethical conduct!

Below is a summary of a recent case we handled.  It is typical of the type of case we handle for corporate tenants day in/day out.

Our client, a global employer, sought our advice in connection with a dilapidations claim which exceeded the amount of the tenant’s deposit.

One of our client’s senior executives had rented a house outside London for a period of over a year.

The deposit was £7,000 and the landlord’s dilapidations claim was for £9,000.  Our client’s employee was upset by the claim but he didn’t have the time or expertise to argue with the landlord’s agents.

We went through the lease and all the evidence with a fine tooth comb.  Whilst it was clear that there were some dilapidations that could not be argued, we also found that a major part of the claim could be put down to the landlord trying to redecorate her house at our client’s expense broadly because the occupant had hung some pictures!

We made written representations on behalf of the tenant in relation to each and every element of the claim citing the applicable law and accepted practices.

Ultimately we reduced the claim from £9,000 to £3,500 which was a reasonable settlement.

If you need advice in connection with a dilapidations claim, contact us today!

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Thank you for your efforts in settling these issues regarding Aaron’s property. I appreciate your professionalism and tenacity with the landlord. This is why I insist that we use Saunders 1865! Such a great service.

Sandra Flier, Minnesota, USA


Terrific service from Saunders 1865. They were incredibly responsive, thoughtful and informative throughout the process and really came through for us with a difficult landlord and agent. I was particularly impressed with how proactive they were. I will strongly recommend Saunders 1865 to my colleagues!

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