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Ongoing Support

A global bank’s HR staff were spending too much of their time on issues around their UK relocatee’ rental homes in and around London.

They were having to deal with numerous problems after their relocatee had moved into their chosen rented property because landlords’ agents were being difficult and slow to resolve issues. Their relocatee were being distracted from focusing on their important work for the bank.

In addition, HR found themselves immersed in complex property laws, rents, deposits, council tax, stamp duty land tax, renewals and myriad other issues. All this was taking far too much time whilst causing stress and unhappiness all round – not least for the relocatee families in the UK.

To solve this problem, several years ago the bank decided to outsource all their UK leases to Saunders 1865’s On-going Support Program. As a result, all matters are now taken care of by Saunders 1865’s property experts. The relocatee feel totally cared for by their employer and the HR staff’s time has been freed to focus on core activities.

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My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865 relocation team. Ann, Charmine, and Alicia were always available to help us correspond with our landlord management company. They were great at following up promptly and organized many repairs for us. We'd recommend anyone moving to London to use their services as they made the transition very easy.

Ashleigh Ellman, New York, USA

Saunders 1865 is always available when the need arises! Ann is always ready to work on solving the myriad problems that come up when renting a flat. Never complains, just digs in and solves the problem. Not sure I’m supposed to be taking up her time with these issues, but we surely appreciate her skills. Ann is a great asset to your firm, and to us. Thank you

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