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Move Management

Our corporate client, a global pharmaceutical company, invested heavily in headhunting their new CFO. The man they chose had to be relocated with his family from Washington DC to London to take up his new position.

Because of his seniority our client authorized Saunders 1865 to provide a comprehensive suite of VIP relocation support programs, including MoveManagement, which is where we provide independent management of the international household goods shipment so that it dovetails nicely with finding the new home in the destination location.

International movers on our approved supplier list were invited to submit competitive bids for the project. These we sent to our client with a summary and recommendation based on our analysis of the bids.

The move involved a great deal of furniture, valuable artwork and a concert grand piano. Additional specialist packaging was important and it was necessary to arrange two shipments that required careful coordination.

Close supervision of the project by Saunders 1865 at every stage was vital to ensure that everything happened when it should happen. When things didn’t go according to expectations, we were there to make sure they were put back on track in double-quick time!

It was discovered that some damage occurred in transit necessitating an insurance claim. We managed the entire claim process and negotiated a favourable settlement on our client’s behalf.

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Our Saunders 1865 team has been incredible. Moving from the US to the UK with two children and one on the way is a daunting task. We will be forever grateful for your care and guidance.

Erika Olson, Charlotte, USA

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