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From Europe to Montreal

An aerospace company was recruiting aerospace engineers from Europe and was trying to get them to relocate permanently to Canada

Their HR staff told us that most of the best aerospace engineers were working for UK companies; so with our help the company mounted a big campaign to persuade the best engineers they could find to leave their existing companies and relocate permanently to Canada.  At the time, there was a deeply depressed home sale market in the UK.

Many engineers wanted to accept the employment offer, but they couldn’t sell their homes.  They asked the aerospace company what they could do to help.  These candidates’ homes were spread all over the UK.  The company badly needed these talented people to help them fulfill lucrative orders; but they did not want to go to the expense and risk of providing guaranteed buyouts to new hires.

Saunders 1865 was asked to come up with an alternative, lower cost solution, which we did – a full blown Departure Program that provided central management of all the home disposals and a single UK point of contact for all the new hires around Europe.  In this first campaign, about 50 families were successfully relocated to Montreal within the required 3 months time frame (and we used this time period to get all the work permits and other immigration requirements in place) and all the homes were sold during an extremely deep housing slump.

It was successful, not only in terms of selling the homes, but also in keeping the candidates onboard and positively inclined towards moving to Canada.  It was so successful that the company has repeated the formula in subsequent recruitment campaigns.

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Our Saunders 1865 team has been incredible. Moving from the US to the UK with two children and one on the way is a daunting task. We will be forever grateful for your care and guidance.

Erika Olson, Charlotte, USA

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