Saunders 1865 | Relocation Assistance to Support Global Executive Search

Relocation Assistance to Support Global Executive Search

A global head hunting firm approached Saunders 1865’s UK relocation team for high-end relocation assistance on a highly confidential project on behalf of their VIP corporate client – one of the oldest and best known companies in the UK.

The Employer had need of a new team of VIP executives to turnaround the company’s prospects. Having found, after an expensive global search, a new leadership team of top executives, they and their families needed to be relocated to London quickly and successfully.

Everything had to be kept highly confidential and it was essential that the families be given the best relocation service possible.

Saunders 1865’s UK relocation team worked round the clock to ensure they all found great rental homes in the right locations at the right prices. Every lease was negotiated painstakingly to protect the interests of the executives and their Employer.

We also provided comprehensive MoveManagement support to make sure their household goods and pets were carefully transported to London without a hitch.

And we provided our well-known, high-end tenancy management support to deal with any problematic issues that arose after move-in.

The corporate client did not want their new top executives to be distracted by any relocation headaches. They needed them to focus on their new work assignments.

Needless to say this was an extremely important project. Any slip up could have seriously jeopardised the company’s future.

The Employer absolutely needed everything to go like clockwork for these VIP Candidates, and Saunders 1865 made sure that happened. This is the type of relocation project we excel at!

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The service we have received is excellent. Honestly, I wouldn't know what I'd do if the Saunders 1865 team was not there to support me every step of the way.

Nina Dela Cruz, Marseille, France

Frankly I do not know how I would have been able to simultaneously manage the demands of my new role and searching for a new home without the support of Saunders 1865. This was a very quick transition in my view and would not have been possible without their responsive, knowledgeable and efficient support. In summary top marks across the board — excellent service with quality results — well done!

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