Brexit Means EXIT!

        UK Businesses Moving People to EU Cities

         How to sweeten the move for those who must move abroad

 By: Christine Hall, GMS - Managing Director 


Relocated family in EuropeThere’s little doubt that some UK businesses will need to move people to locations inside the EU as a result of Brexit.  These moves will need to be made as easy as possible on the people concerned.  How will they do that?

Business leaders are now in the process of finding out which individuals are up for relocating out of the UK.  These discussions are highly sensitive.  How they’re handled can have a big influence on whether or not key players will accept the offer to relocate out of the UK.  And then it will be important to manage these moves efficiently and sensitively to minimise the disruption to the lives of the affected individuals and families.  That’s best achieved by outsourcing as much of the role as possible to the right external experts.  HR and admin staff in these firms simply don’t have the spare time, nor the specific expertise, to do all that needs to be done – on time and on budget.

Getting this right is crucial to retaining talent, creating goodwill and maintaining profits.  Get it wrong and, ……..well, you get the idea!

Put yourself in the shoes, for example, of a key executive (let’s call her Samantha) that you’re asking to move to Frankfurt.  You tell her the news.

happy life couple in europe

But Samantha LOVES living in the UK – and so does her partner, Peter, who has a decent job in IT support.

When you first break the news to Samantha it’s a really good idea to be able to say that you have retained a relocation firm to support and help her with every aspect of her move to Frankfurt.  In fact, a wonderful lady from that relocation firm called Ann will be contacting her immediately to discuss the moving process and any immediate aspects of concern to Samantha.  When Ann speaks to Samantha she will also go over the relocation assistance and benefits that your company will be providing to make the move as easy on her and Peter as possible.

Anns Dinsdale - leader team member in Saunders 1865 LondonThis first conversation is absolutely crucial and it pays huge dividends to make sure it’s handled skilfully. 

People like Samantha tend to talk much more freely with an independent expert.  After this conversation, the relocation expert will be able to report back what needs to be done to make this relocation successful.  Alternatively, you may even discover when Ann reports back that Samantha is not a good candidate for the relocation.  It’s far better to find this out at this early stage rather than wasting a lot of time and money on a failed move.

So what are some of the key matters for an employee like Samantha that will make her relocation abroad easier for her, Peter and the business?

  • UK home: 

The house in londonIf Samantha and Peter are currently renting, the lease will need to be terminated in the most cost-efficient manner possible.  An expert should review the lease and provide comprehensive lease termination assistance from service of a proper notice on the landlord to handling any dilapidations claim and recovering the tenants' deposit.  A formal surrender of the tenancy may have to be negotiated and correctly implemented.

If they own their London home, an expert should help them decide the best course of action.  Should they retain it, rent it or sell it?

Whichever route they decide to go down, tailored support and independent, professional advice by relocation experts will be of huge value to the couple, as well as to the employer.

  • Frankfurt home: The couple living in the frankfurt

Samantha and Peter will obviously be concerned about where they will live in Frankfurt, how they will find accommodation and what sort of home they can expect for their budget.


If they are not familiar with the city, they may need a pre-reporting trip.  The relocation firm will be able to arrange an orientation or “look see” tour to help Samantha and Peter decide where they want to live and the type of property they can likely afford.

The next step would be to provide home finding assistance via the relocation firm’s local expert in Frankfurt to help them find their ideal rental home.  This will involve comprehensive rental search assistance, lease negotiation and set up.

Depending on the specific circumstances and timeline, it may be necessary to arrange temporary accommodation in the city while the long-term rental property is being sourced.  Again the relocation expert will handle all that.  We can take care of the whole booking, manage the entire process for the employer – and provide help and support throughout the stay, not only to Samantha and Peter but also to the employer.

As always, we represent the tenant’s side of the transaction and are entirely independent of any landlord or housing provider.

  • Peter’s job: 

Elephant museum

The elephant in the room may well be Peter’s job.  It should not be overlooked.  Indeed, all his needs around the move must be carefully assessed and considered.  An unhappy Peter will inevitably mean an unhappy Samantha and a potential crisis point.  Never neglect this aspect.  The relocation firm should be able to provide a Spousal Assistance Program that will is tailored and personal to their situation.


  • Settling into life in Frankfurt: 

Quite apart from finding accommodation, there are all sorts of details around moving to and living in a foreign location that the couple will need help with.  These include such aspects as:

Different aspects of moving in global city

  • Assessing their personal, lifestyle needs and interests
  • Providing them with a tailored Welcome Pack about the local area (e.g. sports/leisure clubs and local shops/markets/amenities, entertainment facilities etc.)
  • Assisting them with opening bank accounts; hooking up broadband, cell contracts etc.
  • Providing advice with signing up for local health services (e.g. doctors and dentists)
  • Assisting with Driving licences & transportation

The above is far from an exhaustive list.  As I’ve said, the actual settling-in support should be personal and tailored to them.

And there should be an element of ongoing support for the early part of their time in the new city.  After all, a lot of issues can show up only after they’ve moved into their new home.  They should not be left to feel abandoned during the early stages of their time in the new city.  It’s a very sensitive time and if things go wrong and they don’t have the help they need, they may well “call the whole thing off” as the song goes!

Failures of this kind can get very expensive indeed for the employer!

  • Schooling:

School relocation in UK

It doesn’t apply to Samantha and Peter but when relocating some families there will be a need to address the issue of the children’s education.  Relocation experts as part of their role help families find the right schools for their children and assist them with navigating what can be a complex application process.

As far as making their relocation abroad a success, everything flows from that first interaction between Samantha and Ann, the relocation expert.  If that briefing and two-way consultation are handled skillfully, Samantha and Peter will immediately feel more relaxed, confident and settled in their minds that their employer cares about them, values them, and will support them through the whole moving process.

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