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Moving to Tel Aviv

Are you moving to Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv is a historical gem, dominated by five thousand 1930’s Bauhaus style buildings.  With a mix of nationalities, this diverse city is a culture vulture’s nirvana.  The tropical climate, with stunning scenery, great food, and vibrant nightlife, ensure that expats enjoy their lives whilst making the most of a slower pace than one would expect.

Jerusalem was proclaimed the capital of Israel in 1950, but most embassies maintain their presence in Tel Aviv, including the US and the UK.  It is the country’s second-largest city.

It is hot almost all year round, with temperatures reaching 40° Centigrade in mid-summer. This Mediterranean coastal city has been voted amongst the top beach cities worldwide by National Geographic, the Best Smart City, the Best Gay Travel destination, and Saveur Magazine has ranked it an Outstanding Culinary destination.

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