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Moving to Surrey – Woking, West Byfleet & Pyrford

Are you moving to Surrey – Woking, West Byfleet & Pyrford? As long as there have been commuters, Surrey has been a popular place to live. The combination of its proximity to London, its convenience for the capital’s main airports and, originally, its pretty countryside has always attracted City workers. Over the years the so-called ‘stockbroker belt’ has become increasingly built up but it still represents a hugely appealing option for those who don’t want to live in Town.

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Living in Woking

Woking is a large town, some 23 miles south-west of central London and certainly the largest business hub for this part of Surrey. Its station is one of the busiest in the London commuter belt, with fast trains reaching Charing Cross in just 24 minutes. It is also well located for the M25, the M3, the A3 and for Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

Although its history dates back to the Doomsday Book, the town’s administration is forward-looking — it has a reputation as an early adopter of green energy technologies. The town uses solar and hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity, and there are several combined heat and power stations to provide district heating and power.

Woking is also home to the UK’s first ever mosque, the Shah Jahan Mosque, which was built in 1889.

Famous residents past and present have included Doctor Who actor Peter Davison, John Paul Getty, Nelson’s mistress Lady Emma Hamilton, novelist Kazuo Ishiguro, The Spice Girls, Paul Weller of The Jam and writer HG Wells.

The Borough of Woking has a population of approximately 99,000 and there are more than 80 schools in the area, including private prep schools at Hoe Bridge, St Andrew’s, Greenfield, Oakfield School, Ripley Court and Halstead School. The International School of London also has a campus in Woking.

Woking offers a more diverse selection of properties than the rather smarter villages that surround it — and with that come a greater flexibility in the rents that are asked. This is the place to look if you are on maybe a slightly tighter budget. Search out splendid Arts and Crafts properties on the Hookering and Edwardian villas at Hook Heath. There are also several new developments of smaller family houses and apartments, including New Central, Grisham Mill and Brookwood Farm.

Living in West Byfleet

Before the arrival of the London and South Western Railway in 1887, West Byfleet was just a mere speck on the map. The positioning of the railway station moved the epicentre of the mediaeval village of Byfleet as the new commuter village sprung up a mile away. Unlike its Doomsday neighbours, the parish of West Byfleet wasn’t established until 1917.

The village lies just outside the M25 and is a mere eight miles from Heathrow Airport. It also lies on both the Basingstoke Canal and the Wey Navigation Canal, less important today than in days gone by. With a good commuter rail service to London and easy access to the business parks of Woking and Brooklands, West Byfleet has become a firm favourite of the stockbroker belt.

For such a small village, it has a reasonable high street — there are the usual selection of banks, estate agents, hairdressers, restaurants and cafes. There are also some small fashion outlets, gift stores and an art gallery, as well as a Waitrose supermarket.

The most accessible secondary schools for the village are the Fulbrook School, St John the Baptist School or Bishop David Brown School. The local primary schools are West Byfleet Junior School and the Marist Catholic Primary School. However, for those that don’t mind a slightly longer school run, there is a multitude of first-rate independent schools in the area.

West Byfleet has a Conservation Area based around Old Avenue and this is where you’ll find the largest and most sought after properties. Look out for spacious, detached family properties in Dartnell Road, Wey Manor Road, Little Moreton Close and Fairford Close.

Living in Pyrford

Pyrford  is a village in Woking on the left bank of the River Wey, around 2 miles (3.2 km) east of the town of Woking and just south of West Byfleet; the M25 motorway is north-east of the edge of the former parish.

Roads passing through the village include the B367 (Upshott Lane/Church Hill) and B382 (Old Woking Road). Famous residents include the poet John Donne.

Pyrford is also famously mentioned in The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells, in which it is near the landing site of the third of ten Martian invasion cylinders.

The area has marked trails for ramblers. Pyrford marina by the Dodds Bridge footbridge, and with its own access road, on the Pyrford canalside enables people to hire and own boats. Pyrford Common offers a large open space, car parking and a play ground for children. The common is surrounded by a large wooded area.

The Anchor pub, by Lock Lane, lies on land once part of Wisley parish. The Inn At Maybury is sited alongside the junction of Old Woking Road and Maybury Hill. The third location for drinking isThe Yeoman, a Harvester pub-restaurant, on the Old Woking Road in the neighbouring village of West Byfleet. Instead, two social venues in Pyrford are the Pyrford Social Club, a membership club, next to the Cricket Club, and the Traditions golf club situated on Pyrford Road and open to the general public. These are both licensed for alcohol.

Pyrford has three golf courses: Pyrford Golf Course, Wisley Golf Course and Traditions. It is also home to Pyrford Cricket Club. Founded in 1858, Pyrford is one of the oldest cricket clubs in Surrey, and has achieved success in recent years.

Pyrford also has an amateur football club,Pyrford F.C. who play at the Pyrford Cricket ground. Tradition’s Golf Club on Pyrford Road, offers locals a pay and play service. Membership is not required, and the golf course offers an 18-hole round. A public bridleway crosses the golf course linking Pyrford Road to the Wey Navigation Canal.

Hourly bus route 437 links Pyrford with Woking, West Byfleet and Byfleet; with a connection to New Haw and Addlestone.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Pyrford is less than 400m north of Newark Priory along a medieval lane and was built around 1140 — it is a fine example of a complete Norman church and is National Heritage Listed.  The area surrounding it is believed by local folklore to be haunted, there are many stories involving locals and happenings.

Relocating to Surrey

With an easy commute to London and great amenities, you know you want to live in Surrey but you’re not sure how to narrow it down? If you don’t know the area, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when looking for a property, and access to someone with good knowledge of the local rental market is virtually essential. Add to that further considerations such as convenience for work, access to suitable schools, transport links for trips back home… This is when employing the services of a relocation agent can really help.

At Saunders 1865, our teams of experts combine local knowledge with first-hand experience to pinpoint the right area and the right property that will tick all your boxes. We know London property inside out, we know how much you should expect to pay and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different areas. We can bring expertise to all these factors and help to arrange smooth, efficient and stress-free relocations – here or to other parts of London and the UK. Our services include home finding assistance, school finding, lease negotiations, temporary accommodation, move management and immigration assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.




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Average Monthly Rent - Woking
1 bedroom £1,150
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5 bedrooms £4,750
Average Monthly Rents - West Byfleet
1 bedroom £1,100
2 bedrooms £1,500
3 bedrooms £1,850
4 bedrooms £4,000
5 bedrooms £5,000
Average Monthly Rent - Pyrford
1 bedroom £1,275
2 bedrooms £1,350
3 bedrooms £1,800
4 bedrooms £3,000
5 bedrooms £4,750
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