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FreeAdvice - ContactAre you moving to Lutterworth? Lutterworth is a small but charming market town which lies just at the southern tip of the county of Leicestershire. The name derives from the Old Norse for ‘Luther’s farm’ and the settlement was mentioned in the Domesday Book. The population is just 8,000 but it’s close enough to allow commuting to the commercial centres of Birmingham, Northampton, Rugby and Leicester. Furthermore, it has its own fascinating industrial past. Sir Frank Whittle developed several of his early jet engines at the British Thomson-Houston works in the town.

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Putting Lutterworth on the Map

Lutterworth is amazingly well-placed for commuters working the built-up areas of the Midlands, allowing for a country town lifestyle with an easy commute to a large number of commercial centres.

  • Lutterworth lies just under 90 miles north of London
  • It’s 15 miles south of Leicester
  • Rugby is less than seven miles away
  • Birmingham is 35 miles off
  • Northampton is 24 miles away
  • Lutterworth to Coventry is just 17 miles
  • This puts it just to the east of the giant West Midlands conurbation of Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton

Lutterworth is also extremely convenient in terms of the major road network—the town lies on the A426 between Leicester and Rugby but has easy access onto the M1 at junction 20 and the M6 and A5 are both within just a few miles. A recent bypass keeps the bulk of traffic going from the M1 to the A5 out of the town centre.

However, the nearest railway station is at Rugby, so really the only public transport option is using the local bus network. In practical terms, this means it’s probably not the place to live if you don’t have a car.

The Areas

Lutterworth is a small country town, so suburbs in the usual sense simply don’t feature. However, there are a number of outlying villages, some of which you might also consider. Within the town itself, look out for property on Lutterworth Road, Burrough Way, Oak Avenue, Douglas Bader Drive, Foxfield Close or Leicester Road.

Misterton with Walcote

This is a conjoined, twin village, just to the east of Lutterworth. Although Walcote is the larger of the two, Misterton boasts the picturesque parish church of St Leonards.

Claybrooke Magna

Close to the A5 and between junctions 20 and 21 of the M1, Claybrooke Magna boasts the charmingly named The Pig in Muck village pub and brewery. With a population of approximately 600, the local timber mill was once the biggest employer in the village. Now, however, most of the residents commute to busier commercial centres nearby.

Husbands Bosworth

Built around a crossroads, this tiny village is most famous for the kilometre-long tunnel of the Grand Union Canal that bears its name. It also boasts an airfield which is used for gliding and by the emergency services.


Another tiny village—just 500 people live here—with a church, two pubs and a riding school.


Wibtoft lies just across the border in Warwickshire and marks the spot where two famous Roman roads, Watling Street and Fosse Way, cross. The name of the village is Old Norse in origin, originally being vibbatoft, or Vibbi’s homestead.


Famous for a local windmill, Ullesthorpe has a primary school, a post office, a small selection of shops and a golf course.

North Kilworth

North Kilworth also has a primary school and a golf course.

Who Lives in Lutterworth and Why?

People come to Lutterworth looking for a quiet country lifestyle that’s still within commuting distance to plenty of job opportunities. Market towns tend to be quiet and conservative, attracting families who would like to raise their children in a safe and friendly environment.

As a main staging post on the London to Leicester road, the town has a number of old coaching inns and several buildings that date back to the 16th century. The Cavalier Inn is probably the most notable of these, along with Shambles Inn that was a butcher’s shop before becoming a public house in 1791. Market Street, the main road through the town, is as historic and picturesque as any, while still offering a decent selection of local shops and services, including a branch of Waitrose.

A couple of miles west of Lutterworth, the Magna Park distribution centre is the town’s main employer.

The Best Bits

If you’re looking for a quiet rural lifestyle, Lutterworth and its surrounding villages are a land of country walks, ancient churches, historic pubs and charming cottages. But it’s also an area with a long industrial history and there’s plenty of evidence of the Industrial Revolution that’s worth exploring.

The Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal runs close by and offers interesting canal-side walks. More recently, Sir Frank Whittle developed the jet engine in the area and the UK’s first jet aeroplane was actually built in Lutterworth. At Bruntingthorpe Airfield, some five miles north east of Lutterworth, the Bruntingthorpe Air Museum is home to a collection of jets from the Cold War era.

Bringing the Kids

Lutterworth and the countryside around it make for a great place to bring up kids. It’s peaceful and rural, and country villages tend to be friendly places where everyone knows everyone else. The only downside is that parents, particularly of teenage children, can start to feel like a taxi service in areas where public transport is scant.
Lutterworth itself has a small number of schools to choose from:

  • Lutterworth High School is an academy trust school that takes boys and girls from age 11 to 14.
  • Lutterworth College dates back to 1613 and was formerly known as Lutterworth Grammar School. It has nearly 2,000 pupils, boys and girls from 11 to 18.
  • Sherrier Church of England Primary School takes boys and girls from four to 11.
  • John Wycliffe Primary School is also mixed and covers four up to 11 years.
  • St Marys Church of England Primary School caters for four to 11-year-olds.

There is, of course, a much wider choice of schools if one is prepared to travel a bit further. The nearest town of considerable size is Rugby, where there are state and fee-paying schools.

Relocating to Lutterworth

If you work in the Birmingham or to the south or west of it, Lutterworth offers a wonderfully convenient place to live if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the West Midlands conurbation. It’s well located for the national road network, being close to the M1, while at the same time offering the peace and quiet of the English countryside.

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