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Moving to South Yorkshire

Are you moving to South Yorkshire? On the east side of the Pennines, straddling the rolling hills and broad valleys of the Yorkshire coal field, South Yorkshire is a combination of England’s industrial heartland and some of its most beautiful countryside.

Its four metropolitan boroughs – Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley – were born of the Industrial Revolution when the area became the powerhouse for the country’s steel and coal production. And while the smoke and coal dust have all blown away, the region offers a fascinating snapshot of our industrial past with canals, railways and multitude of Victorian mine buildings, warehouses and factories that are ripe for modern redevelopment.

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Putting South Yorkshire on the Map

It may sound like a conundrum but South Yorkshire is actually the southern-most part of the North! Sheffield lies approximately 170 miles north of London;  the landscape and architecture are dramatically different from the South East.

To the east, the county is mainly flat, as the carboniferous rock of the Pennines dips under the coastal deposits.  But west of Sheffield the Peak District offers a spectacular National Park of 555 square miles of stunning hills and valleys.  Moorland and rocky crags offer refuge for a vast array of birds and wildlife, while the far west rises up further to the hauntingly bleak plateau of Dark Peak.  Here in an unforgiving landscape of dark, moisture-laden moorland that climbs up to 2,000 feet, hikers may stumble upon the wreckage of crashed WW2 planes; rumours abound of ghost planes, while survivors have reported seeing ghostly apparitions…

But fear not!  There is also plenty of civilisation.  Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley are busy and thriving, recovering from the decimation of the mining industry and offering unprecedented scope for regeneration and development.  Transport links are excellent – the M1 and M18 link South Yorkshire the national motorway network, while Doncaster Sheffield Airport offers international links, handling one million passengers per year.  Sheffield lies on the Midland Main Line railway to London and the area has rail links to Liverpool, Manchester, Hull and East Anglia.  The future construction of the High Speed Rail Network will include Sheffield, improving rail links still further.

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Sheffield: The Lowdown

Sheffield is one of the UK’s major cities, with a population of more than half a million, covering 142 square miles.  During the 19th century it was the epicentre of the British steel industry, due its proximity to coal, iron ore and the River Don and its tributaries.  After a period of depression as steel manufacture declined, the city is now being redeveloped into a dynamic commercial hub for the South Yorkshire area and beyond.

Sheffield is also one of the country’s greenest cities: 61 per cent of its area is green space, with more than 200 parks and gardens, and at least a third of the city lies within the beautiful Peak District National Park.  All of which adds up to the highest ratio of trees to people of any European city.

This makes it a great place for families – and the local council runs 25 secondary schools and 137 primary schools.  The city also has five fee-paying schools, including Birkdale School and Sheffield High School.

Where to go house-hunting in Sheffield
  • Dore – Sheffield’s wealthiest suburb – typical rental value of a four bedroom house here is £1,000 pcm and £800 pcm or so for three bedrooms.
  • Totley – in the south west of the city, Totley was mentioned in the Domesday Book – typical rental value for a four bedroom house is about £1,000 pcm, with three bedrooms going for about £800 pcm.
  • Abbeydale – a few miles south of the centre of Sheffield, Abbeydale is rich in industrial heritage and period buildings.  Rents run from about £650 or £700 pcm for three bedrooms and from £800 pcm for four bedrooms.
  • The city centre for modern apartments – a modern one bedroom flat in the centre of Sheffield currently rents out at about £600 pcm, but there is a wide variance in the rents charged depending upon the exact location and upkeep of the property.
  • Castleton – although strictly speaking Castleton is in Derbyshire, it is one of the Peak District’s prettiest villages and is easily commutable from Sheffield.  Typical rents here might be £800 pcm for four bedrooms, £700 pcm for a three bedroom house.
  • Hathersage – with connections to Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre, this is another gem of the Peak District.  You would typically pay £1,000 for a four bedroom property in this neck of the woods.
  • Ladybower – rolling hills and a tranquil reservoir make this picturesque area popular with Sheffield commuters looking for an idyllic rural setting.  Houses here do not come up for rent very often but rental values would generally be similar to Hathersage nearby.
Renting in Rotherham

Just six miles from Sheffield, Rotherham is far smaller, with a population of just 100,000; it came to prominence in Victorian times as the centre of the cast iron industry and for the manufacture of glass medicine bottles.  Amazingly, its economy still has a manufacturing base – Renault Formula One cars are produced here.

Smaller and more characterful than its larger neighbour, Rotherham has a historic centre with some good shops and restaurants.  The 15th century minster is a stunning building, while the town has achieved more recent fame by appearing in Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food TV series.  When it comes to bringing the kids, Rotherham has 16 state-funded secondary and 98 primary schools within its metropolitan area; however, there is just one fee-paying prep school, while secondary school age children would need to travel to nearby Sheffield.

Where to go house-hunting in Rotherham
  • Thorpe Hesley – well positioned for the M1 (giving easy access to Leeds and Nottingham) and just five miles outside Rotherham, this olde worlde village has strong links with coal mining, John Wesley and the Methodists.  You would typically pay £650 pcm for a three bedroom house; four bedroom and larger houses are hard to come by, but the rent would be commensurately more.
  • Scholes – close to Thorpe Hesley, to the north west of Rotherham, in medieval times the local abbey mined and smelted iron ore.  Scholes Lane is one of Rotherham’s most desirable addresses, although the village itself does not have much of a centre.  Rental values are typically similar to those in Thorpe Hesley eg, £650 pcm for a three bedroom house.
  • Moorgate – just south of the heart of Rotherham, this suburb has a number of notable Victorian buildings, including the now defunct Rotherham Grammar School, along with the 1930s Town Hall.  This is the smarter part of town with large Victorian houses, some of which have been converted into smaller apartments.  Typical pcm rent for a four bedroom house would be in the region of £800, with three bedroom properties going for £600-£700.  Two bedroom flats will be around £500-£550.
A view of Doncaster

Locally known as ‘Donny’, Doncaster lies on the River Don just 20 miles from Sheffield.  It was originally a Roman fort and lies on the strategically important Great North Road – now the more prosaic A1 – running between London and York.  This position still influences the local economy as the city is home to a number of major distribution centres, including Next, Tesco, Ikea and Amazon.  It’s also famous for its enthusiastic nightlife – along Silver Street and High Street there are more than 40 bars and clubs.

This historic market town has a picturesque centre and is also famous for its racecourse.  It’s a good place to settle your family as, as well as 17 state secondary schools and 47 state primaries, it also boasts one of the area’s best fee-paying schools.  Hill House School takes girls and boys from the age of 2-16 and in 2012 won the Independent School of the Year Award.

Where to go house hunting in Doncaster
  • Bessacarr – lying south west of Doncaster and abutting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, this is one of South Yorkshire’s largest and most affluent villages.  Typical rents are £500 pcm for a two bedroom flat, in the region of £700 pcm for a three bedroom house and £800-£1000 pcm for four bedrooms.
  • Cantley – named after the Saxon manor Cantley Hall, this suburb of Doncaster lies next to Bessacarr, to the south east of the city centre.  It was mainly developed after the 2nd World War, with many 1950s houses, and is popular with retirees.  Rents here range from £500 pcm for a two bedroom flat, £600 for a three bedroom house to £700-£800 for four bedroom properties.
The Best of Barnsley

Coal mining, brass bands and glass blowing have characterised Barnsley’s past.  It has suffered a long decline and the last mine in the area closed in 1994.  However, the centre of town is now being redeveloped, with a large, new shopping centre under construction, and thanks to the Barnsley Development Agency, unemployment is now below the national average.

Unfortunately, much of the town centre was constructed in the 1960s, so it is not the most attractive of commercial hubs.  However, Barnsley boasts one of the largest further and higher education colleges in Europe, and the town hall is currently being transformed into a state-of-the-art museum.  The metropolitan area boasts 10 state-funded secondary schools and 82 state-funded primary schools.  Fee-paying options include the Barnsley Christian School for 2-16 year olds.

Where to go house hunting in Barnsley
  • Cawthorne – a small village just to the north west of Barnsley, this is the smartest place to live in the Barnsley area.  Although tiny, it boasts a brass band, a choral society, a village museum and a stately home. Given its size, the rental market is limited and prices are high: four bedroom houses can command up to £1,400 pcm.
  • Worsbrough Village – south of Barnsley, Worsbrough Village dates back to the Domesday Book and boasts several historic pubs.  A three bedroom house will cost £500-600 pcm, depending upon its location, with two bedroom flats in the region of £400 pcm.
  • Ardsley – lying to the east of central Barnsley, Ardsley is a pretty village that has won medals in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition.  Situated on the Dearne and Dove Canal, the village developed as part of Barnsley’s famous linen industry.  Most of the properties are small; rents are typically £400 pcm for a one bedroom cottage rising up to £800 pcm for a four bedroom house.
Relocating to South Yorkshire

For assignees moving to the UK for the first time, South Yorkshire may be something of an unknown quantity, even if they are familiar with London and the south east.  The Peak District is, however, one of our most naturally beautiful areas, while the rich industrial heritage around Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster make it a fascinating place to explore.  There is a wealth of historic buildings, from Norman and Saxon churches to Victorian factories and warehouses and even ex-miners cottages that have been sympathetically modernised for today’s owners.  However, for newcomers to South Yorkshire, it’s not always obvious where to start looking; it’s a large area that encompasses not only great natural beauty and pretty villages but also some areas of economic deprivation.  However, compared with living in London, rental values are low and if you want green open space, you’ll certainly find it.  Even so finding the right house in the right location can be tricky.  This is when employing the services of a relocation agent can really help.

At Saunders 1865, our teams of experts combine local knowledge with first-hand experience to pinpoint the right area and the right property that will tick all your boxes.  We know UK property inside out and we know how much you should expect to pay and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different areas.  We can bring expertise to all these factors and help to arrange smooth, efficient and stress-free relocations – here or to other parts of the UK.  Our services include home finding assistance, school finding, lease negotiations, temporary accommodation, move management and immigration assistance.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Natural Beauty
Pretty Villages

South Yorkshire is a large area that encompasses both great natural beauty and pretty villages. You can check out areas like Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Average Monthly Rent - Sheffield
One bedroom £550
Two bedrooms £701
Three bedrooms £822
Four bedrooms £1,075
Five bedrooms £1,397
Average Monthly Rent - Rotherham
One bedroom £402
Two bedrooms £453
Three bedrooms £560
Four bedrooms £657
Five bedrooms £800
Average Monthly Rent - Doncaster
One bedroom £483
Two bedrooms £518
Three bedrooms £565
Four bedrooms £863
Five bedrooms £1,005
Average Monthly Rent - Barnsley
One bedroom £325
Two bedrooms £475
Three bedrooms £480
Four bedrooms £529
Five bedrooms £758
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