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Moving to Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and Whitechapel

Are you moving to Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and Whitechapel? These few square miles to the east of the City have suddenly become the capital of cool.  So what’s the appeal of Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and Whitechapel which are now swarming with city whiz kids and media hipsters. 

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Mapping the East End

Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and Whitechapel

Lying directly to the east of the City of London, the inner East End suburbs around Spitalfields are like stepping back in time into Victorian and Georgian London. To the north-east of the Square Mile, Shoreditch is a busy commercial district centered on the junction of

  • Shoreditch High Street,
  • Old Street,
  • Hackney Road
  • and Kingsland Road.

Slightly further east, Bethnal Green falls within the E2 postcode and counts its centre as the junction of

  • Bethnal Green Road,
  • Cambridge Heath Road
  • and Roman Road.

Lying to the south of Bethnal Green, Whitechapel sits due east of the City and north of the Thames.

These three adjacent districts are particularly well-placed for commuting to both the City and the financial centre at Canary Wharf. They are served by the:

  • Central Line,
  • the Circle and District Lines,
  • the Hammersmith and City Line,
  • the London overground
  • and the Dockland Light Railway.

There are also numerous bus routes intersecting the area and good road links out of London to the north and east, giving speedy access to London City Airport, Stansted and Luton.

Shoreditch: If it was good enough for Shakespeare…

Shoreditch has always attracted an arty crowd — as well as the Bard, several notable thespians and artists have called the area home.

  • In Tudor times Christopher Marlowe, Richard Tarleton and William Sommers all lived here.
  • More recently new British artists Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, actress Barbara Windsor, comedian Noel Fielding and Peaches Geldof have lived or continue to live here.

This part of London has always been a melting pot, but today Shoreditch and its smaller northern satellite, Hoxton, have emerged into the sunlight. Its change of fortunes came about as an influx of Internet and web companies set up business here to service the City during the 90s. Former industrial buildings have become trendy studios and offices, while the cramped Georgian and Victorian terraced houses have been given serious makeovers to appeal to the new wealthy of the financial markets.

Look out for cutting-edge art galleries, pop-up restaurants and buzzing bars. Young creative professionals have edged out the East Enders and students who used to call it home — and Old Street roundabout has taken on the soubriquet Silicon Roundabout. When it comes to renting property in the area, you will find more apartments than houses — many of which will be ex-council properties — but there are smart warehouse conversions and a number of new builds. If you’re lucky you might find a spacious loft with large windows, bare brick walls and exposed beams. Or take a look at the

  • Bezier Apartments on City Road which offer 24-hour concierge, a gym and rooftop gardens.
  • Avant Garde,
  • City Plaza and
  • The Foundry are other new developments worth investigating.

However, all this new-found popularity has of course pushed up the rents you might expect to pay.

Bethnal Green: Artsy and Edgy

Bethnal Green has become the home of London’s largest Bangladeshi community and, as well as four mosques, it also boasts the London Buddhist Centre, one of the largest Buddhist centres in Europe. Historic architecture, museums and traditional East End pubs help to maintain a sense of community, while the presence of Queen Mary’s University adds a youthful vibe.

This is an area that has yet to be colonised by the chain stores and ubiquitous coffee shops that can sap character from an area — Bethnal Green is independent and idiosyncratic. Niche boutiques, vintage shops and markets rub shoulders with authentic Bangladeshi, Bengali and Indian restaurants.

It’s also extremely convenient for commuting into the City or the West End and within easy reach of Hoxton’s trendy nightspots.

Naturally, as more and more people are discovering its charms, rents are going up—though it is still somewhat cheaper here than Shoreditch or Whitechapel. There is a wide variety of property available in Bethnal Green — the most popular include the Victorian terraced houses around

  • Wilmot Street,
  • Columbia Road
  • and Lauriston Road,

in particular prized for its proximity to Victoria Park. If your budget is limited, ex-council apartments can have their own appeal and rent tends to be lower towards the east of the borough. New canal-side developments may command premium rents, as will trendy conversions of former industrial buildings.

Whitechapel: Old murder, modern art

Of Jack the Ripper fame, Whitechapel is a multicultural, dynamic neighbourhood with a rich artistic heritage that remains very much at the forefront of modern British art.

While you can still take guided nighttime tours of the streets haunted by the Ripper, Whitechapel has a lot more to offer as a place to live and work. Its industrial heritage has given way to a vibrant cultural melting pot.

Most prominently, the Whitechapel Art Gallery, founded in 1901, has an international reputation for its outstanding shows. The area is also a centre for London’s punk and skuzz rock scene, spawning bands such as the Libertines the Others and Razorlight.

Famous residents have included

  • Damon Albarn of Blur,
  • Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole,
  • rock star Pete Doherty
  • and writer Jack London.

And, as well as being the setting of a Sherlock Holmes story and featuring in the novel Brick Lane by Monica Ali, it continues to make regular appearances in the multitude of dramas and documentaries about the Ripper.

Living in Whitechapel will appeal to young professionals who want to play as hard as they work. It’s convenient for the City and the West End and is an integral part of East London’s weekend playground. Victorian and Georgian terraced houses are expensive but, in common with the rest of East London, there are plenty of ex-council apartments to be had for a more reasonable rent. For a minimalist, eco-friendly apartment take a look at SpacE1 or for converted industrial space try the Denim Factory in Davenant Street.

Bringing the Kids

These inner East London suburbs would never rate as the most family-friendly of London’s villages but of course there are couples with children living here.

The area’s most expensive properties are beautifully renovated Georgian and Victorian townhouses that make perfect family homes. However, apart from Victoria Park in the north-east, there is not much in the way of parks and gardens — this is very much an urban environment and, with a preponderance of bars and clubs, it is certainly an adult environment.

Tower Hamlets and Hackney, the two local authorities that administrate the area, between them operate a large number of schools.

  • Tower Hamlets has 67 primary schools including C of E, RC and Islamic schools.
  • There are 54 state-funded primary schools in Hackney, including Church of England, RC and a number of Jewish schools.
  • The two boroughs run 29 secondary schools, including Catholic and Jewish schools.
  • The area is not well served by independent schools, though there are Muslim and Jewish fee-paying secondary schools.
Relocating to the East End

If you’re looking for an area of London that’s alive with history and hot right now, you’ve come to the right place. East London has it all—Cockney heritage, historic murder stories, Britain’s brightest art scene and hottest night life, pie ‘n’ mash, wartime heroics, pop-up bistros and silicon start-ups—enough to make you dizzy!

Furthermore, you’ll be ideally located for working in the City or Canary Wharf, with easy access to main routes out of London and to a number of airports.

In terms of property, there’s something for every budget—from beautiful Georgian townhouses to ultra-modern apartments to classic warehouse conversions. It’s not such an obvious choice for families, with a narrower selection of schools and fewer parks than other parts of the city but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t bring your kids here if you love the vibe.

However, for assignees arriving from abroad, it’s not always obvious where to start looking and the East End can range from cool and trendy to areas that are less salubrious. Knowing where to find the right property at the right price can be bewildering. This is when employing the services of a relocation agent can really help.

At Saunders 1865, our teams of experts combine local knowledge with first-hand experience to pinpoint the right area and the right property. We know London property inside out, we know how much you should expect to pay and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different areas.

We can bring expertise to all these factors and help to arrange smooth, efficient and stress-free relocations – here or to other parts of London and the UK. Our services include home finding assistance, school finding, lease negotiations, temporary accommodation, move management and immigration assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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If you’re looking for an area of London that’s alive with history and hot right now, you’ve come to the right place. East London has it all—Cockney heritage, historic murder stories, Britain’s brightest art scene and hottest night life, pie ‘n’ mash, wartime heroics, pop-up bistros and silicon start-ups—enough to make you dizzy!

Average Monthly Rents in Shoreditch
One Bedroom £2,119
Two Bedrooms £2,201
Three Bedrooms £2,548
Average Monthly Rents in Bethnal Green
One Bedroom £1,759
Two Bedrooms £2,266
Three Bedrooms £2,578
Average Monthly Rents in Whitechapel
One Bedroom £1,790
Two Bedrooms £1,954
Three Bedrooms £2,301
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