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Moving to Wembley, Greenford and Northolt

Are you moving to Wembley, Greenford and Northolt? On 30th July, 1966, Wembley forever sealed its place in football history as the venue where England won it’s only World Cup (so far!). However, fast forward nearly 50 years – there’s an inspirational new stadium at Wembley and, along with neighbours Greenford and Northolt, this swathe of north west London has plenty more to offer. Green spaces, good schools, good transport links and affordable housing all add up to a family friendly destination.

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Putting Wembley, Greenford and Northolt on the map


Lying nine miles north west of Charing Cross, Wembley is located just west of the North Circular and north of the A40, in the London borough of Brent. Long associated with football in the minds of the British, there’s more to Wembley than the beautiful game: it went from a medieval village to a centre of industry, and then suffered a long decline. Now, however, substantial redevelopment has once again put it on the map.

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A little further to the west and lying south of the A40, Greenford claims its page in history as the birthplace of the modern chemical industry – William Perkins discovered the world’s first aniline dye at his factory on the Grand Union Canal.

Northolt and Greenford

To the west of Greenford and lying north of the A40, Northolt dates back to the Domesday Book. Today, however it is better known for the neighbouring RAF base, used by the Queen whenever she flies. Both Greenford and Northolt are located within the London borough of Ealing.

All three suburbs are well placed and well connected for commuting into central London and for Heathrow and Luton Airports. Wembley lies on the North Circular, the main inner ring road around London, while Greenford and Northolt straddle the A40, the main artery between London and Oxford. Additionally, the whole area is well served by both overground and underground rail links.

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The areas


  • The most desirable streets in Wembley include The Mount, The Paddocks, Mount Drive, Greenhill, Barn Hill, Barn Rise, Oxenpark Avenue, Sudbury Hill Close, Priory Gardens and Midholm.
  • The most prevalent house styles in the area are 1930s semi-detached houses, Victorian terraces and modern apartment blocks.
  • Brent Council is promoting a major regeneration plan for Wembley—the Wembley Masterplan—and developer interest in the area is high. The plan outlines provisions for new schools, health, sports and community facilities, plus a new Civic Centre and infrastructure improvements.
  • Wembley City is a stunning new residential and entertainment development in the shadow of the stadium. It includes two residential blocks that feature 24-hour concierge services, private balconies and terraces, and the UK’s first underground waste removal system. Rents, however, are considerably higher than the average for the area, with a one bedroom apartment being listed for £1,225 per month and two bedrooms for £1,995 per month.
  • Wembley Central underground station has been regenerated with a new retail square, plus 188 modern apartments above it.
  • Another new development close to the stadium is North West Village at Wembley Park. Multiple residential buildings set in landscaped gardens will provide highly specified studio, one and two bedroom apartments.


  • With its excellent transport links and proximity to Heathrow Airport, Greenford is one of north west London‘s up-and-coming residential areas.
  • The majority of the housing stock comprises 1930s and 1950s houses and maisonettes.
  • Greenford‘s smartest streets include Greenford Gardens, Jordan Road, Wellgarth, Wedmore Road, Colwyn Avenue, Devon Close, Woodland Rise and Pembroke Road.


  • North of the A40, most of the houses in Northolt date back to the 20s and 30s. However, in the area to the south of the A40, more of the property dates from the 60s and 70s.
  • Grand Union Village is a large new property development built next to the Grand Union Canal on the site of the old Taylor Woodrow company. There are more than 700 eco homes, ranging from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses, 20 acres of open space, a retail and restaurant area and a marina.
  • The best addresses in Northolt are Westend Gardens, Hawthorn Farm Avenue, Ballinger Way, Watery Lane, Doncaster Drive, Fort Road and Sandringham Road.
Who lives here and why

This swathe of north west London can boast a few famous sons and daughters:

  • Keith Moon, drummer of The Who
  • Composer John Tavener
  • Six-time Wimbledon women’s singles winner Blanche Bingley
  • Supermodel Jourdan Dunn grew up in Greenford
  • The Nolan Sisters singing group went to school in Greenford
  • Footballer Jerome Thomas

The advent of the Grand Union Canal and the railways in the 19th century transformed what were once sleepy rural villages into London’s industrial satellites. These have been the workhorses of the capital, rather than dormitory towns that just supplied the workforce. However, as Britain’s industrial heritage declined in the 20th century, these and countless other working areas became unloved.

Now, however, with grand regeneration plans and ideal locations for travel-hungry executives, the area is seeing something of a new dawn, particularly around the new Wembley Stadium complex. Rental values are still relatively low for London, while the 1920s and 30s housing stock offers the space and gardens prized by families. In addition, the new residential developments in Wembley and Northolt are bringing a touch of glamour to the area that is long overdue.

The best bits
  • The Grand Union Canal passes through Wembley and Greenford, offering picturesque paths for walking and cycling and canal-side vistas for a cold pint on a warm afternoon.
  • Wembley City includes the first new public swimming pool built in the borough for 60 years, plus a multiplex cinema.
  • The new Wembley Stadium cost £827 million to build and is the national football stadium. It also hosts major rock concerts, with a capacity of 90,000. Right next to it, Wembley Arena is an indoor events venue which can seat 12,500 for concerts, galas and sporting events.
  • Greenford is the home of the London Motorcycle Museum, exhibiting a wide range of bikes and memorabilia.
  • If you drive along the A40 through Northolt, look out for Northala Fields. Four giant conical man-made hills have been constructed to block traffic noise for the houses beyond. They are made out of the rubble removed during the construction of Wembley Stadium. There’s a small car park and the views across London from the tallest hill are nothing short of spectacular.
  • Greenford also has a landmark hill—Horsenden Hill rises 85 metres above sea level and was once part of an ancient hill fort. Today it’s popular with dog walkers and hikers.
Bringing the Kids

These outer suburbs of north west London offer a more affordable destination if you need a spacious house and garden to accommodate a rumbustious family. The rents are lower than in central London and there are plenty of 1920s and 30s semi-detached houses that make ideal family homes.

There is also a good choice of schools:

  • Northolt has 10 state primary schools, one of which is Roman Catholic.
  • There are six secondary schools in Northolt, one of which is run by the Seventh Day Adventists and another of which is a specialist sports college.
  • Greenford had 11 primary schools, two of which are Roman Catholic and one of which is Church of England.
  • When it comes to secondary schools, there are approximately 16 within easy reach of Greenford, including the very well respected Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School.
  • Wembley boasts 16 primary schools, two of which are Roman Catholic.
  • There are five secondary schools in Wembley, one of which is a technical academy.
  • For those willing to pay school fees, north west London has some excellent private schools—particularly if your children are at secondary level and would be able to commute slightly further by train or bus.
Relocating to Wembley, Greenford or Northolt

If you want to escape the bustle and astronomical rents of the central London, taking a journey to the outer reaches of the Central or Bakerloo Lines with bring you to Wembley, Greenford or Northolt. These are quiet green suburbs with good transport links and easy access to Heathrow and Luton Airports. Admittedly, there’s not so much of the Georgian and Victorian property for which London is famous, but characterful semis built in the 1920s and 30s will give you the space and the garden you’re looking for. Alternatively, there are some brand new apartment and townhouse developments that represent good value for money and are conveniently placed for public transport links in to town.

However, if you don’t know the area, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when looking for a property, and access to someone with good knowledge of the local rental market is virtually essential. Add to that further considerations such as convenience for work, access to suitable schools, transport links for trips back home… This is when employing the services of a relocation agent can really help.

At Saunders 1865, our teams of experts combine local knowledge with first-hand experience to pinpoint the right area and the right property that will tick all your boxes. We know London property inside out, we know how much you should expect to pay and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different areas. We can bring expertise to all these factors and help to arrange smooth, efficient and stress-free relocations – here or to other parts of London and the UK. Our services include home finding assistance, school finding, lease negotiations, temporary accommodation, move management and immigration assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Good Schools
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Green space

For Expats who want to rent a bit outside the bustle of central London, Wembley, Greenford and Northolt are areas worthy of serious consideration. These are quiet, green suburbs with good transportation links to downtown, as well as easy access to London’s Heathrow and Luton Airports. Characterful homes built in the 1920s and 30s will give you the space and garden you’re looking for. Alternatively, there are some excellent, brand new apartment and townhouse developments.

Average monthly rents in Wembley
1 bedroom £1,225
2 bedrooms £1,549
3 bedrooms £1,891
4 bedrooms £2,343
5 bedrooms £2,371
Average monthly rents in Northolt
1 bedroom £1,105
2 bedrooms £1,295
3 bedrooms £1,500
4 bedrooms £1,750
5 bedrooms £2,100
Average monthly rents in Greenford
1 bedroom £1,100
2 bedrooms £1,300
3 bedrooms £1,500
4 bedrooms £1,750
5 bedrooms £2,100
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