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Ambassadors Program

The Ambassador will also have the opportunity to earn ongoing passive revenue on all subsequent assignments that come from the same client.

Bearing in mind that one corporate client can be worth £100,000+ in revenue, you can see that the earning potential from referral commissions is very attractive. The amount you earn from referral fees will be up to how  much time you want to spend on generating good quality referrals for Saunders 1865.

To qualify you need to complete the form on this web page. Once accepted, you’ll be able to refer clients to us.

We will promptly review the information and will confirm to you whether or not we are accepting the referral as a qualifying referral (QR). The reason for this is we obviously need to exclude our existing clients.

Once we accept the referral as a QR that means that we’re committing to pay you referral commissions on all revenue received by Saunders 1865 from the client you referred. We will provide you with the revenue information  on a monthly basis so that you can invoice us for the appropriate referral fee.

And if you are a Saunders 1865 Home Finding Consultant we will make our best endeavours to use you for any home finding tours arising from your QRs. Therefore you can earn even more income in addition to the referral fees!

You can’t start earning referral fees till you become a Saunders 1865 Ambassador.

So do complete the form on this web page today:

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